ESG & Sustainability Strategy Executive Briefing

Certified Executive Masterclass

Why You Should Attend

Quite simply, this could be the most informative, interesting and valuable half-day you will ever spend understanding how to use sustainability to drive value for your stakeholders and your organization. ESG & Sustainability are increasingly important issues across all aspects of business operations.

If you need more reason, you will be spending it with other like-minded people, have time for networking and you will get a nice breakfast besides

You will get frameworks and insights to help you think about sustainability strategically and pragmatically.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for professionals interested in learning to understand ESG issues, social responsibility, sustainability, SDG Impact and Environmental Stewardship to benefit their organizations, to further their careers, or just for their personal interest. This can include:

  • Corporate, government and international organizations executives
  • Sustainability, public relations, marketing and communication leaders responsible of sustainability strategy and reporting outreach,
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication pros.

Our inclusive programming is appropriate for private sector, government, NGO, non-profit and faith-based organizations.