The CSR Training Institute

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The CSR Training Institute is a private, mission driven organization. It began from a lifelong passion for developing ground-breaking ways that business can serve both shareholders and society.

We are a small, committed team focused on helping organizations of all types to create and capture value at the intersection of business and society.

We do this by:

  • Providing consulting, communication and advisory services to business, government, NGOs and multi-lateral and international organizations
  • Sharing knowledge and information through writings, producing events, lectures and keynote presentations
  • Developing and delivering training programs and events that motivate, inspire and transform people and organizations

Our work is not for anyone who wants a prescriptive, cookie-cutter, formulaic approach. We help clients develop strategies and solutions that make long-term, value and sustainability impacts. Rather than asking the world to come to us, our services and programs are available for delivery world-wide, our writings are shared freely and we are available for speaking and keynote engagements worldwide. Our work is all about creating shareholder and societal value, simultaneously.

Consulting, communication and advisory services clients will work hand in hand with us to co-discover and co-create new ways of building and maintaining shareholder and societal value.

We don’t do quick fixes or superficial work. Organizations wanting ‘window dressing’ or a ‘quick fix’ do not tend to benefit from our services.