The CSR Training Institute

The CSR ESG Institute is a private, mission-driven organization focused on the integration and alignment of business value, social value and environmental stewardship.

We do this by:


Providing consulting, communication, and advisory services to business,
government, NGOs and multi-lateral and international organizations


Sharing knowledge and information through writings, lectures, and keynote


Developing and delivering training programs and events that motivate,
inspire and transform people and organizations

Our work is not for those who want a prescriptive, cookie-cutter, formulaic approach. Organizations wanting sustainability ‘window dressing’ or a quick fix do not tend to benefit from our services. Instead, we help clients develop strategies and solutions that make long-term value and sustainability impacts. Consulting, communication and advisory services clients work hand in hand with us to co-discover and co-create new ways of building and maintaining shareholder and societal value.

In the ten years since our founding in 2012 (with a three-year hiatus during the pandemic) we have trained over a thousand individuals ranging from students and field staff to CEOs and Cabinet Ministers. We’ve trained people from 43 different countries of origin and 127 different organizations. We’ve provided more than 70 bursaries worth over $75,000 to support attendance from NGOs and community leaders. Professor Dunn has delivered keynote lectures for more than 50 events in 19 countries.

Our consulting services, keynote speaking, and training programs are available for delivery worldwide, and our writings are shared freely through our blogs and newsletter.

Honouring 10 Years

Recently the CSR Institute celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a well attended meet and greet in Ghana.

Best Think Tank Business

CSR Training Institute has been awarded Best Think Tank Business of the Year by the M&A Today Awards. The M&A Today Awards recognize dedication to excellence on a global basis, and accept votes from over 163 countries around the world.