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Our new services include onsite, bespoke training, Sustainability Optimization SWOT reviews, Board Briefings, and more. If this is of interest, we would be honoured to work with you in these areas.

Personal engagement coupled with strategic frameworks, innovative pragmatic approaches, and rubber meets the road practicality are hallmarks of every engagement.

Make Change Work For You

The CSR Training Institute Can Help

The world is changing. Rapidly.

Sustainability, social responsibility, ESG, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and reputational capital have become critical success factors for businesses and organizations of all types worldwide.

Finance, operations, recruitment and retention, marketing, stakeholder relations,
virtually all aspects of business are affected. You are expected to create social value and environmental stewardship simultaneously with creating business and organizational value. There is significant value to be gained by getting this correct.

The professionals at the CSR Training Institute can help you better understand and adapt to these changes. We help you turn challenges into unique opportunities, and create a strategic competitive advantage to drive success and facilitate a synergistic alignment between business value, social value, and environmental stewardship.

“Creating value and sustainable competitive advantage are at the core of all that we do. Our goal is to help you integrate business and social value with environmental stewardship to identify and develop unique value propositions. Sustainability investments must create value and make your organization stronger, better, more resilient and more competitive.” 

Wayne Dunn
President & Founder

Our Programs

The CSR Training Institute offers a wide variety of programs and services to help you grow, succeed, and create long-term value and competitive advantage. We are able to deliver our courses on-site worldwide or from our training centers in Ghana, Dubai, and Canada, or in locations that you select.

Client testimonials are proof of the value our programs offer. You too can be counted among the clients who invested and are enjoying these benefits.

Contact Prof. Dunn directly at to discuss how we can support you and your business.

Executive and Board Briefings

Fast-paced, impactful, high-level briefings will bring your strategic leadership up to speed in a way that will give them insights, awareness, knowledge, and the tools to drive action, results, and create a greater impact.

By focusing on Social Responsibility, Sustainability, the SDGs, and other key issues, your Board and Executives will develop a practical and strategic understanding of emerging issues, global best practices and more effectively create competitive advantage and organizational value.

These customized sessions typically range from two-hours to a full day and will create understanding, build awareness, and facilitate effective strategic action.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Staff and Team Training

Well-informed, highly motivated, and well-engaged teams are critical to the success of any organization, especially in rapidly evolving areas like sustainability and social responsibility.

Our custom-designed training programs for organizational teams are built to not only develop team-spirit and camaraderie but to help meet your company’s unique needs, identify opportunities and tackle challenges.

Our focus in these sessions is to help your team ask smarter questions and utilize the correct tools, so they can find the answers and solutions they need on their own. Your team will leave our program equipped with the knowledge, tools, and processes that will enable them to be more strategic, more effective, more cohesive and more impactful.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability SWOT

A strong SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) framework prompts managers to see opportunity and competive advantage, and to think about anything that could potentially impact the success of a new project or organization. Failure to consider a key area could lead to poor business decisions.

Building a strategic SWOT that focuses on Social Responsibility and Sustainability will engage you and your leadership and staff, bring them up to speed on issues and trends from a local and global perspective, and work with you to identify current and future issues, opportunities and challenges facing you and your organization.

Our focus in this session is to use this information to work with your organization to identify and prioritize strategic business value propositions and develop practical and executable action plans to help you be more strategic, more effective and more impactful so you can survive and thrive,

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Integrating the SDGs into Your Strategy

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were passed unanimously by the United Nations have become the de-facto development framework for countries and progressive organizations worldwide.

Integrating the SDGs into your business strategy is an effective framework to help your organization create competitive advantage, have a greater impact, increase shareholder value, and develop a sustainable competitive advantage by creating social value and environmental stewardship.

Our focus in this session is to help you realize what you are already doing to support the SDGs through your ongoing operations and projects while getting more value through your efforts.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Sustainable Development Goals

Unlock Value Through Sustainability Reporting and Communications

Sustainability reporting and communications are critical success factors in today’s world and are increasingly expected by regulators, employees, governments, stakeholders, investors, and financiers. CSR Training Institute is one of the few GRI Certified Training partners operating in Africa.

Sustainability reporting and communications are critical success factors in today’s world and are increasingly expected by regulators, employees, governments, stakeholders, investors, and financiers. CSR Training Institute is one of the few GRI Certified Training partners operating in Africa.

Leading businesses across the globe are already embracing GRI reporting, strategic communications and SDGs. Because done right it increases impact and effectiveness and creates business value and long-term competitive advantage . Our focus in this session is to help you understand your unique value propositions and chart a path forward that makes sense for your business as you create value for your organization through reporting and communication.

Our instructors are ready to assist you at every stage of the reporting and communication process. Whether you are just beginning the journey or you’re already a seasoned reporter – we are here to help you.

In addition to supporting you in managing the reporting process we also offer a service to write the report or review your report for effective communication and compliance with GRI Standards. We’ll also answer questions like:

  • Are you ready to begin reporting?
  • Which is the right strategy to start the process?
  • Is GRI reporting right for you? How do you start your GRI reporting process?
  • Is your existing reporting adequate?
  • Who should you communicate with and how?
  • What is your message? Is it being delivered effectively?
  • What trends are coming that you need to be aware of?

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Sustainability Partnership Strategy and Analysis

Sustainability and social responsibility lend themselves to productive, engaging and mutually beneficial partnerships that produce business value, social impact and facilitate environmental stewardship.

However, many partnerships either don’t get developed, end in frustration or don’t realize their full potential in creating organizational and social value.

Our focus in this session is to help your organization assess, negotiate, implement, manage, rescue and when necessary terminate partnerships. With over two decades of experience with sustainability partnerships of all kinds, we’ll help you create value for both partners so you can better make a positive impact in the world.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Executive Coaching and Support

Sustainability leadership can be fun, rewarding, exciting and productive, creating organizational value and career growth.  But, sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes leaders need experienced support, guidance, and mentorship to help them apply their experience and insights to lead and drive sustainability and social responsibility in their organization.

Our focus is to give executives a place to ask questions and share ideas, strategically assess opportunities, and evaluate strategies. Our decades of experience in sustainability, teaching, and coaching, help to facilitate professional growth, create an impact, drive results and achieve career and organizational performance.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Sustainability Policy Strategy and Implementation

Sustainability and social responsibility can have far-reaching effects, creating organizational value, societal impact, internal cohesion, customer engagement and enhancing stakeholder relationships. It can also waste money, sidetrack initiatives, create internal discord and distract an organization.

Sustainability success doesn’t happen by accident. It stems from overall leadership and is supported by effective policy, strategy and implementation.

Our focus in this session is to help you create a framework for a social responsibility and sustainability strategy that integrates policy, strategy, implementation, management and impact measurement to drive organizational and career results, produce more value and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

Impact Measurement and Management

Creating more value, doing it more efficiently and achieving it with fewer resources are key to organizational and career success in all areas of business, including sustainability and CSR. Impact measurement and management are critical for organizations and leaders wanting to succeed in today’s fast-paced climate.

Most organizations have well-developed systems and processes for measuring business performance and impact but often lag on measuring social impact and its relation to business value.

Our focus in this session is to work with executives, leaders, and managers to create more effective management, budgeting, and financing of programs to bring management discipline, value and impact efficiency to their sustainability investments and activities.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information.

What can we do to support your success?

If you have other needs not covered above, we’d be happy to learn more. We deliver a variety customized consulting assignments and training programs to our clients worldwide. Additionally, we can facilitate sessions at corporate retreats, and develop customized lectures and keynote addresses.

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