Strategic Consulting

Our new services include onsite, bespoke training, Sustainability Optimization SWOT reviews, Board Briefings, and more. If this is of interest, we would be honoured to work with you in these areas.

Personal engagement coupled with strategic frameworks, innovative pragmatic approaches, and rubber meets the road practicality are hallmarks of every engagement.

Make Change Work For You

The CSR|ESG Institute Can Help

 The world is changing. Rapidly.  ESG & Sustainability are a top 3 issue for over 80% of investors and business stakeholders

 We can help make that change work for you

 ESG and Sustainability have become critical success factors for businesses and organizations of all types.

You are expected to create social value and environmental stewardship, and do it while simultaneously creating shareholder value.

 Get this correct and you create strategic competitive advantage for your business and your career.  Get it wrong and there are increasingly steep prices to pay.

 The team at the CSR|ESG Institute  can help you succeed in these rapidly evolving times. 

 We help you turn challenges into unique opportunities, and create strategic competitive advantage, helping your business and your career to thrive.

 “Creating value and sustainable competitive advantage are at the core of all that we do.

 ESG and sustainability investments must create value and make your organization stronger, better, more resilient and more competitive.  They are not about charity and philanthropy.

This is central to every engagement we accept” 


Wayne Dunn
President & Founder

Our Programs

The CSR Training Institute offers a wide variety of programs and services to help you grow, succeed, and create long-term value and competitive advantage. We are able to deliver our courses on-site worldwide or from our training centers in Ghana, Dubai, and Canada, or in locations that you select.

Client testimonials are proof of the value our programs offer. You too can be counted among the clients who invested and are enjoying these benefits.

Contact Prof. Dunn directly at to discuss how we can support you and your business.

Certified Executive Masterclasses

Join peers from throughout Africa and around the world to take a pragmatic deep dive into key ESG and Sustainability topics.

Leave with knowledge you can use immediately, an amazing network you can call on for help and an enlightened new perspective on business and sustainability

Rated 5/5 by hundreds of participants from all sectors and every continent.  See more

See upcoming programs 

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088


Bespoke Trainings

Customized programs from ½ day to several weeks, designed to give your team the knowledge they need in a way they can use it and own it immediately

 Delivered on-site in your facilities, or from our centres in Ghana or Dubai

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088

ESG Reporting and Communications

ESG Reporting has become a de-facto requirement for most businesses, opening doors to finance, strategic opportunities and market advantages.

But, it can be overwhelming.  Many companies have difficulty starting and postpone taking this critically important step.

Let us help you evaluate if you need an ESG Report and assist you to get started in ways that won’t engulf your organization’s energy and distort focus.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088

Board & Executive Briefings

Your Board and Executives need a high-level understanding of ESG and Sustainability.

One that is strategic and pragmatic, and can help them guide the business through these rapidly changing times.

We can develop sessions to meet your time availability and organizational needs.

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088

Strategic ESG/Sustainability SWOT

A knowledgeable set of fresh eyes can provide a valuable perspective on your ESG and Sustainability journey.

A traditional SWOT approach, looking at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, will provide unique perspectives and help you to thrive in the months and years ahead

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088

Customized Services

Do you have something else in mind:  Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can meet your specific needs

Contact Prof. Wayne Dunn directly for more information or WhatsApp +1 (250) 701-6088

What can we do to support your success?

If you have other needs not covered above, we’d be happy to learn more. We deliver a variety customized consulting assignments and training programs to our clients worldwide. Additionally, we can facilitate sessions at corporate retreats, and develop customized lectures and keynote addresses.

Contact us at to discuss how we can help you and your business grow – you’ll be glad you did.