Partnerships that work

Certified Executive Masterclass

Sustainability Strategy and Impact Reporting

CSR, SDG and Sustainability partnerships that work


Sustainability Partnerships sound great to everyone. However all too often they fail to deliver on the results they promise.

Learn how to change the storyline and create, structure and manage CSR, Sustainability and SDG partnerships that work. This program will show organizations how to structure partnerships that go beyond finding “synergies and potentials” and actually deliver results that create impact and produce value for society, governments, communities, environment and, for your bottom line.

Program Overview

Multi-sector sustainability partnerships with industry, government, NGOs, development agencies, faith-based organizations and communities are amazing – when they work. But things can get ugly fast when they don’t. Unfortunately this is often the case. Many projects fail in the early stages or don’t realize their potential even when they do launch.

The world has changed. Organizations of all types are expected to deliver social value and environmental stewardship along with business/organizational value. Meeting these rising expectations can be challenging, especially in today’s economic and regulatory environment. Multi-sector partnerships can increase value, impact and results while reducing budget impact – but only if they work.

The Partnerships that Work program will equip you and your organization with the tools, knowledge and techniques to develop and manage successful partnerships.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify, assess, negotiate and manage multi-sector development partnerships;
  • Understand and mitigate partnership risks;
  • Develop and implement practical partnership strategies that work.

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