ESG & Sustainability Strategy Executive Briefing

Half-Day Certified Executive Masterclass


Learn how to think strategically about ESG & sustainability as a value creation tool for your organization and your stakeholders.

ESG & Sustainability has become a must-do activity for businesses of all types. The Path to Profit has truly shifted.

But, few organizations can afford to simply throw money at sustainability, treating it as a cost, rather than a value creation activity.

This engaging, thought provoking executive briefing session will provide you with valuable insights and frameworks on how to utilize ESG & sustainability as a strategic, value-creation activity.

Program Overview

On Sept 13th join the CSR Training Institute, the Hon. Rev. Dr. (Aunty) Joyce Aryee, the SDGs Advisory Unit of the Office of the President of Ghana and IONs Africa for a dynamic, action packed 1/2 day of learning, engaging, networking more.

What You’ll Learn

You will gain insights on how to

  • Turn ESG & sustainability challenges into strategic opportunities;
  • Navigate the path to profit, using ESG, sustainability and social impact to create competitive advantage;
  • Effectively communicate about ESG & sustainability across various internal and external stakeholder groups.

Learn about

  • ESG, SDGs, Sustainability & Communications Strategy
  • ESG, SDGs, and Sustainability Metrics and Measurement
  • ESG, SDGs, Sustainability and Business Value
  • ESG, SDGs, Sustainability and HR Value
  • ESG, SDGs, Sustainability and Value Optimization