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ESG & Sustainability Strategy Executive Briefing

Learn how to think strategically about sustainability as a value creation tool for your organization and your stakeholders.

Sustainability has become a must-do activity for businesses of all types. The Path to Profit has truly shifted.

But, few organizations can afford to simply throw money at sustainability, treating it as a cost, rather than a value creation activity.

This engaging, thought provoking breakfast briefing lecture and discussion will provide you with valuable insights on how to utilize sustainability as a strategic, value-creation activity.

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Creating Value with SDG Engagement (Oct 24-26, 2023 Accra, Ghana)

Sustainability Policy, Strategy & Program Design (Jan 2024 Dubai, UAE – date/location TBC)

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Customized programs and events

Knowledge, Impact, Results

Sustainability, social responsibility, SDG Impact are defining issues of business today, driving the agendas of investors, regulators, customers, governments and other stakeholders. We can work with you to develop and deliver pragmatic, practical and impactful programs that enable you to create competitive advantage, mitigate risk and drive value.

Executive Briefings

Custom-designed sessions for Boards and Senior Executives. Short sessions that give leadership the knowledge, information and perspective to guide policy, strategy and action

Leaders/Management/Staff Programs

Custom designed sessions for leaders, managers and staff to enable them to better understand, manage and execute. Practical and strategic. Focus, content and duration based on your needs. Often includes; stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, communications and reporting, partnership, GRI, etc.

Integrating consulting and advisory

The above programs can be designed to integrate consulting and advisory support, enabling the programs to be more tightly based on actual business issues and situations and allowing for supportive, post-program follow-up and guidance.

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