Sustainability Reporting and Communication

Certified Executive Masterclass

Sustainability Strategy and Impact Reporting


Sustainability reporting, communications and performance are critical to realizing full value from CSR budgets / programs and are taken very seriously by regulators, employees, governments, vendors, stakeholders, investors, and financiers. Organizations across the globe are realizing the strategic importance of sustainability reporting and communications, including reporting to GRI* standards.

*The CSR Training Institute is a Gold Member of the Global Reporting
Initiative and a Certified Training Partner (Ghana) for GRI Standards training.

Program Overview

This program consists of 6 modules spread over two days, showing participants how to use sustainability reporting and communications practices to drive business performance, stakeholder relationships, and competitive advantage. Lectures, videos, small group-work, customized case studies, and role-playing scenarios provide a strategic understanding and practical tools to help participants develop and implement effective strategies within their organizations. Learn how to:

  • Assess the applicability, importance, and need for sustainability reporting (including GRI compatible reports) and communications;
  • Develop a strategic and results-focused reporting and communication plan that integrates message, medium, audience, and delivery;
  • Create strategic approaches to sustainability reporting and communications that engages internal and external stakeholders and drives results.

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