Impact Measurement

Certified Executive Masterclass

Sustainability Strategy and Impact Reporting


Sustainability budgets are big-ticket items, but too often they suffer from poor management and limited results due to ineffective impact measurement. Social impact and sustainability performance have become critical success factors for business and career success, yet most organizations struggle to measure and manage them, resulting in less effective management, planning, budgeting and financing of programs that can actually drive business results.

Program Overview

Learning how and what to measure is key to creating programs that work. In this session, attendees will identify key metrics and learn to properly gather and manage data, to give their organizations a significant competitive advantage in a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape.

Interactive lectures, videos, small group-work, customized case studies and role-playing scenarios provide participants with strategic understanding and the practical tools needed to drive business and sustainability performance.

What You’ll Learn

  • Better understand Impact Measurement Theory using practical and implementable tools and frameworks that can be used for on-the-ground success;
  • Develop and implement measurement programs that drive social performance and business growth; and
  • Integrate the SDGs with impact measurement to enhance stakeholder relations.

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