ESG, SDGs & SUSTAINABILITY: Insights & Strategy

Certified Executive Masterclass


ESG, SDGs, Sustainability

Buzzwords you hear more and more often?

Or, keys to career and business success and value creation?

This three-day, Certified Master-Class will take you on a deep dive into these concepts and give you tools, frameworks and strategies to enable you to understand and use them to make your business stronger and more profitable, and the world a better place, at the same time.

Program Overview

ESG, SDGs, Sustainability.  We are hearing these phrases more and more, from within our own organizations and from outside stakeholders.  Understanding and working with them is fast becoming a fundamental key to business and career success.

Join us in Accra for three intense days of lectures, group-work, case-studies, industry panels, guest speakers and real-world case studies and role play.

It is Where Theory Meets Practice in a fun, engaging and paradigm shifting experience.

What You’ll Learn

You will gain insights on how to

  • Take ESG, SDGs and Sustainability, beyond compliance to value creation
  • How Stock Exchanges, International Businesses and others work with them.
  • Utilize simple effective frameworks for evaluating, planning and using ESG, SDGs and Sustainability to make it work for your organization;
  • Integrate ESG, SDGs and Sustainability Metrics into Strategy, Management, Reporting and Communication for value and compliance.