Partnerships are about value

#Sustainability, #CSR and #SDG engagement are natural areas for private, public, civil society partnerships.

CSR Communications: You won’t win a fight against the truth

#Truth is King in #CSR communications. When attacked, becoming defensive usually loses. Look deep and hard for their truth.  Be thorough. Be humble.

CSR Communications: Be Humble, Don't Brag

#CSR Communications: It’s not all about you – not if you want to engage and be effective. Your company isn’t perfect, it didn’t accomplish great things all by itself, and it sure didn’t engage in a CSR program because of an altruistic motive. So don’t report it that way.

CSR Communications: Be Interesting or Be Quiet

#CSR, #Sustainability and #SDG communications are useless unless they are interesting. So, tell stories and be engaging, or save your time and money and stay quiet.  Even #GRI Reports should be interesting!

Why is more important than How or What

#Why is more important than #How, or #What.  This applies in #CSR.  In #SDG engagement. Literally in pretty much everything, life, work, family and more.  Why is about your #Purpose.  If you don’t know Why you are doing something, don’t ever expect to excel at the How and What

CSR isn’t Lipstick on a Pig!

#CSR is more than corporate concealer or make-up you stick on a business with ugly practices.  But that’s exactly the way some organizations treat it . Then they’re surprised when they don’t see any results.  CSR and #Sustainability have to be part of an integrated business strategy if they are going to work.

CSR isn’t a Repair Centre for Capitalism

#CSR is not the repair centre for Capitalism. CSR is about integrating social value, environmental stewardship and community impact into business operations. Integrating it strategically to create alignment and synergy. Integrating #SDG impact, business value and competitive advantage.

CSR is Business

#CSR is Business: Manage it that way. Value optimization and efficiency is as important in #CSR and #SDG impact as any other area of your business. Ignore it and you cost your business, society and often your career.

CSR is self-interest

#CSR is self-interest. Your #stakeholders aren’t fools, so don’t try to hide it. Understand it. Own it. Embrace it. Communicate that #CSR & #SDG impact drives your business value model.

Sustainability Imperative

Business 2030 success requires a new suite of #CSR, #sustainability & strategy skills & tools that are tightly connected to business value creation & efficiently aligning & integrating it with social value, environmental stewardship & #SDG impact.

Measure and Manage the Meaningful

Impact measurement is measuring what matters. Know your Value Propositions, your stakeholder interests & measure progress & impact towards delivering value #CSR & #SDG impact. ALWAYS start by knowing the value propositions & ALWAYS measure & manage progress towards achieving them. #SDGs

Three stakeholder engagement mistakes

3 universal #stakeholder engagement mistakes. Maximize #value, #CSR & #SDG impact by avoiding them. Too slow, Too defensive, Not value focused. Be smart, be strategic.

CSR Budgets must create value

#CSR budgets must create value & #SDG impact. If they don’t they shouldn’t be funded. Don’t waste company money on Do-gooder garbage.

Five Stakeholder Engagement Mistakes

#Stakeholder engagement is key to business success. Learn about 5 mistakes to avoid. #SDG & #CSR Impact and business value

CSR Storytelling

#CSR & #SDG storytelling can create value and impact. Inform, educate, make it interesting and don’t brag

CSR Beyond Win-Lose

Businesses face increasing expectations to deliver more shareholder value, more social impact & be better environmental stewards (#SDG & #CSR impact). Zero-sum, win/lose approaches to addressing these pressures are untenable. Critical to learn how to systematically create alignment & synergy

CSR SDG Strategy

Stop wasting #CSR budgets & company time. Don’t spend a penny until you have a value strategy that links social value, environment & business value & integrates #SDG impact

CSR Silence

#CSR and #SDG communication strategies can create or destroy value. Sometimes silence is the best message.

CSR Economics and Measurement Program

Your #CSR & #SDG engagement should be about value. Creating & aligning social & environmental value with business value. CSR isn’t just charity. Learn how to efficiently create value & measure impact. Make a better world & smarter business. Jamaica May 28-June 1

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Don’t spend a penny on CSR

Don’t spend a penny on #CSR (or #SDGs) until you understand your value strategy around them. Know what value you expect to create for your organization, for society & community. If you haven’t done your homework, close your checkbook & do your homework. Do your business & the world a favour – don’t throw your money away.

Business SDG Engagement

Relevancy & self-interest are key to engaging mainstream business & #SMEs in the #SDGs. SDGs are more than govt./U.N. development dream. Language & value-propositions need to convey that. #CSR

CSR Skills

#CSR skills. Competition is high for CSR positions. Learn what skills will set you apart by making #SDG and #CSR impact.

CSR Budget Analysis

#ShareholderValue is core to CSR budget analysis. #SocialValue too, but aligned with business value. If you want #SDG impact, competitive advantage, social progress & shareholder value, don’t settle for misalignment between CSR budgets & shareholder value. #GlobalGoals

World Has Changed

The world has changed! #CSR #Sustainability #SDG #GlobalGoals performance are critical skills. Businesses & careers that aren’t ready to adapt risk failure

The world changed! #CSR #Sustainability #SDG #GlobalGoals performance are critical skills. Businesses & careers that aren’t ready to adapt risk failure

CSR Beyond Charity

Value & Impact are as important to CSR budgets as to any other business area budget. Optimize value & impact, for society, & for your business. Align shareholder value, social value & environment. #SDG framework can facilitate alignment