Consulting & Strategy

Customized Training Programs

One size doesn't fit all

We can design training programs that tightly target the needs and opportunities of your organization, focusing on the results that you need. 

These can be closely focused on internal needs or can be expanded to allow you to bring in key external stakeholders. 

For example, some clients find that a bespoke program on CSR and shared value partnerships provided an ideal forum to bring in community, government and NGO stakeholders.  This both enhanced their technical capacity to partner and collaborate on projects AND provided great team-building as they worked together with internal team members in a supportive, learning and problem solving environment.

Customized training programs also create a great inter-organization team building opportunity.  CSR and shared value training will build bonds and team energy across an organization, helping various units and departments to find common ground and effectively use CSR and shared value to drive shareholder and societal value.

Some of the more common programs that clients request include:

  • CSR and shared value Partnerships
  • CSR and shared value Communications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • CSR and shared value Policy and Strategy
  • CSR and shared value project management including metrics
  • CSR and shared value Board briefings
  • Organizational governance and management
  • Roles and responsibilities (boards, executives, management)

 Some clients find it effective to integrate customized training with consulting and advisory services. For example, a stakeholder engagement project could include a training program on stakeholder engagement theory and practice, a customized workshop to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy and follow-up work in the field to cement the learning and support implementation.

To learn more about how customized training programs or integrated training, consulting and advisory services can help your organization create the results you want please contact us directly here