Impact Sustainability

Certified Executive Masterclass

Program Outline

Engage where theory meets practice to produce meaningful impact and results

Learn to use sustainability to integrate and align business, social and environmental value.  The program will pragmatically integrate theory, strategy, and practice.  It will take participants through key sustainability areas, exploring them from an impact and value perspective with a focus on real-world implementation and utilization.

Each component with integrate with and build on the others enabling participants to utilize them as tools to optimize value and impact across business, social and environmental dimensions.

The program will guide participants through a comprehensive set of activities that will give them the practical tools, frameworks, and understanding to develop, manage and lead sustainability programs that drive business, social and environmental impact.

The methodology is hands-on, combining lectures, videos, case-studies, group-work, role-play scenarios, guest lectures and more.  Key topic areas include:

  • CSR Reporting & Communications
  • Impact Measurement
  • SDG and Sustainability Partnerships
  • SDG Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainability and Finance
  • Sustainability Reporting (including GRI)

Leave the program ready to make a difference from Day 1, helping your organization to deliver social impact and environmental stewardship in a way that creates business value and competitive advantage.

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