ESG & Sustainable Finance

Certified Executive Masterclass

October 21-25, 2024, Dubai, UAE

Why You Should Attend

This program will help prepare you and your company to thrive in the face of increasing importance of ESG and Sustainability.

It is designed from the ground up to provide a deep and pragmatic understanding of the issues, trends and requirements.

The fast-paced, interactive program provides you with immediately usable frameworks and strategies, brought to life through lectures, videos, case-studies, guest lectures and fireside chats.

You will leave with strategic understanding and pragmatic strategies for applying what you have learnt, and an incredible network of professionals to support you going forward.

You will work hard, but enjoy every minute of the engaging program where you will push boundaries of your thinking, shift and simplify your ESG paradigm and leave equipped to propel your career and organization forward.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for Executives, Managers and Board Members who want to learn how to use ESG and Sustainability to drive their careers and organizations forward.

Programs typically attract leaders, executives and managers from a range of sectors including

  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Extractives
  • Telecommunications
  • Service
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • International Organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Educational Institutions

We find that the diversity of such a cross-section makes the learning richer and the networks more valuable.