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[Video] CSR and Internal Stakeholders

#CSR #SDGs & Internal Stakeholders. Critically important. Develop and communicate your internal business cases and create self-interested internal SDG & CSR Champions. Make CSR/SDG core to your real business strategy, not just a lip-service extra. Invest time in knowing how your SDG/CSR can create value and mitigate risk across your business and operations.

What is your internal business case for your #SDG #CSR work? How are you communicating it? Get these right and things will work much better.

CSR and SDG engagement should look inward and outward. Internal stakeholders are important and key to long term success. Know your internal stakeholders and develop the value-case for their support and make sure they know it too! You will find things work much better for all! More value and less stress.

#StrategicCSR integrates the #SDGs & balances the interests of society, shareholders and the planet, aligning interests and driving value. It is far more than charity or something to try and make the company look good! Successful #SDG integration and #CSR has a broad and strategic set of value propositions. It integrates and aligns the interests of internal and external stakeholders; enhancing the overall efficiency of value creation.