“The training has been worth the investment. I have some good insights on how to create more value for communities, employees and our shareholders.”

— Oswald Felli, AngloGold Ashanti

How to turn sustainability spending into a value-creating investment

Too often sustainability is seen as a cost and not an opportunity to create value and competitive advantage. Leaders only focus on the social impact and environmental stewardship that will result from their efforts. They overlook the potential value and competitive advantage that sustainability can produce for their brand and organization.

Then when budgets get tight, as they inevitably do, sustainability ‘costs’ are the first to go, and that value disappears. Or, perhaps the value was never achieved because the spending was seen as a cost, rather than an investment.

But in fact, sustainability is an investment that can produce handsome corporate returns in terms of competitive advantage, brand, employee recruiting & retention, team-building, strategic partnerships, even new products and markets. A healthy dose of ‘what’s in it for me?’ in the planning stages can help a business find ground-breaking ways of delivering sustainability value at the same time as they create shareholder value.

CSR Training Institute is a global leader in finding that intersection of shareholder and societal/environmental value. We can help you turn sustainability spending into a value producing investment, creating and capturing value for shareholders, society, and the planet simultaneously.

Contact Prof. Dunn at wayne@csrtraininginstitute.com to learn more.


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‘Sustainability Dunn Right!’ We provide knowledge, training, consulting and support services to help your business utilize sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental, social, governance (ESG) to create competitive advantage. Find out why the CSR Training Institute is uniquely qualified to help you and your business.

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ESG & Sustainable Finance

October 21-25, 2024, Dubai, UAE

An intense, hands-on, interactive program with a concentration on the emerging intersection of Sustainability and Finance.
Develop a 360 degree, pragmatic and implementable understanding of ESG, Sustainability and Finance and the opportunities and pitfalls it represents. Learn how to navigate and excel in this rapidly evolving space.
Practical, thought provoking lectures, stimulating group exercise, videos, Fireside Chats with industry experts, case studies, role-plays are all used
Join Executives and Managers from throughout the Middle East, Africa and around the world for a week that will inspire and transform.
The program will integrate theory and practice, providing participants with meaningful tools and insights that can be used immediately to address strategic and operational issues and opportunities at their work.

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