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Episode 9 of Wayne’s Sustainability Snippets.

Bite sized snippets and insights that can help you better understand value-centric sustainability strategy.  

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SDGs, CSR and Health Ministries

Health runs through many SDGs. Business is spending on the health sector as part of CSR, & through H.R. and other areas.

There is huge opportunity for improved impact and value if Ministries of Health and industry can better coordinate and integrate health sector investments.  Lots of room for synergy if approached strategically.  Integrating SDGs and ESG performance into their strategies would help develop that synergy and align and enhance social, business and environmental impact.

What makes a CSR Strategy Strong?

CSR is all about value.  Value for shareholders and society.  The closer a CSR Strategy sticks to that principle the stronger the strategy is.  And, the more value it produces for both.

Alignment of interests.  Sharing of value created and read more…


Sustainable value creation must include business, society and the environment

The intersection between business, society and environment is where smart CSR works to create value for all stakeholders.

It’s all about aligning business, social and environmental interests. At first blush it may seem like there would be little place for commonality. Over time we’ve come to accept that competing interests have ruled out cooperation.

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Beyond Buzzwords: A Concrete Model For Driving Business Sustainability

nteresting article in Forbes.  In today’s business landscape, sustainability has emerged as a core component of successful strategies. With growing concerns about climate change, social responsibility and environmental impact, organizations are increasingly integrating sustainable practices into their operations.

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I hope you have found these snippets interesting and provocative.  Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, it shouldn’t be.

It is all about value, aligning and integrating value for business, society and the environment.

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