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Episode 6 of Wayne’s Sustainability Snippets.

Bite-sized snippets and insights that can help you better understand value-centric sustainability strategy.

Read on.  Please let me know any thoughts or anything you would like to see Snipitized in future issues.

Free Zones, CSR and the SDGs

#Sustainability, #SDGs & #CompetitiveAdvantage in the #FreeZone of the Future.

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Sustainability isn’t a One & Done

ESG, CSR, SDGs, and sustainability performance are foundational for success in today’s networked global environment with rapidly increasing stakeholder expectations.

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CSR Communications: Use Storytelling to Inform and Engage

#CSR communications should be interesting, engaging and use stories to illustrate impact, results, challenges and more.  Support with facts, sure, but please don’t lead with them. BORING!

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Interesting Mckinsey Post on how Growth, inclusion, and sustainability are connected, often complementing one another but sometimes pulling in different directions

What would it take to raise minimum living standards and get on a net-zero path in this decade? This research explores twin ambitions for people and the planet.



Sustainability Dunn Right!

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Professor Wayne Dunn

All custom content is developed by globally recognized sustainability thought leader Professor Wayne Dunn, President and Founder of the CSR | ESG Training Institute.

Wayne is a former Professor of Practice in Sustainability at McGill University and a Stanford Business School Sloan Fellow. He frequently speaks on business, social responsibility, economics, and strategy at events worldwide.

He has authored pragmatic works on ESG, SDGs, and Sustainability and has dozens of vignette lectures available in the Knowledge Centre, a free source of learning for practitioners worldwide.

I hope you have found these snippets interesting and provocative.  Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, it shouldn’t be.

It is all about value, aligning and integrating value for business, society and the environment.

Please let me know any topics you would like to see covered in future posts. (click here)

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Prof. Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn is an award-winning global sustainability expert with extensive teaching, writing, lecturing and advisory service experience. He is supported by an extensive faculty and advisory team.