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[Masterclass in Jamaica] CSR Economics and Impact Measurement

Developing a strategic approach to CSR creates a sustainable competitive advantage wherever you do business. Sticking with zero-sum, philanthropic approaches loses value and reduces impact.

Getting this message out is the key to helping shift the discussion around CSR programs from a cost model to a value and impact model.

From May 28th to June 1st I’ll be joining some of the top CSR thinkers and practitioners at the Royalton Negril, Resort and Spa in Jamaica for a 5 day professional development event designed for executives from business, NGOs, and government who are responsible for strategy, stakeholder and community engagement.

The goal is to show organizations how to be more effective at using CSR as a tool to create value and impact for their organizations and, at the same time, for communities, society, environment and the Sustainable Development Goas (SDGs).

This masterclass, set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Caribbean ocean, is split into two distinct sections that will show participants how to  align successful business and organizational outcomes with social and environmental value.

PART ONE: CSR Economics – Value, Impact, and Results

May 28-30, 2018

Key benefits

  • Participants will become more efficient at creating and aligning social, environmental and business value

  • Strategies to create impact and make a difference from day one

  • Implementable tools and frameworks that can be applied immediately

PART TWO: CSR Impact Measurement

May 31- June 1, 2018

Key benefits

  • A deeper understanding of Impact Measurement Theory using tools and frameworks that ensure on-the-ground success

  • Tools to develop and implement measurement programs that drive social performance and business success

  • Strategies to Integrate SDGs with impact measurement systems to enhance stakeholder relations

We expect to have a broad range of representation from C-Suite executives, board members, managers, front-line staff and community leaders from the private sector, NGOs, government, international organisations and foundations with participants coming from the Americas, Europe, Africa and beyond, including, of course, many from throughout the Caribbean.

Prof. Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn is an award-winning global sustainability expert with extensive teaching, writing, lecturing and advisory service experience. He is supported by an extensive faculty and advisory team.