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Thoughts on CSR and Value – a curious perspective

We need more strategic, value-creating focus and less focus on defensive, risk-mitigating compliance

Companies the world over are recognizing that there are growing societal expectations on the social value added aspects of business of all types.
Firms everywhere are adapting and evolving, searching for ways to meet societal expectations and meet shareholder expectations.  Some are finding value-creating synergies and ways to create more value for society and for shareholders at the same time.
Others end up in more of a zero-sum, value transfer type of approach (see the CSR Value Continuum for more on value-transfer/value-creation).
At the same time there is a rapidly growing and evolving set of global standards, reporting mechanisms and general compliance frameworks.
Many companies, far too many in my opinion, are paying inordinate amounts of attention to the compliance aspect of CSR and far too little to the value-creation potential that can come with creatively finding synergy and value-alignment.
This not only limits the value that can be created for society AND shareholders, but also serves to position CSR in a ghettoized corner, far removed from core value-creation functions and prone to be first in line when budget crunch happens (see CSR in Budget Crunch Times)
I just received an email from a friend who has developed a technology/system that has the potential to be transformative in terms of rural child education in remote and impoverished areas.
They reached out to the CSR Managers/Leaders of 500 companies working in this area to suggest that there could be some synergy with the social license/social value.
Not one responded!  Follow-up phone calls suggested that the many (they said most) saw CSR as a defence mechanism and that strategic, creative, value-creation types of approaches are last resorts, to be deployed in times of crisis.
Strategic, creative, value-creation types of approaches that seek to find and develop alignment between societal and shareholder interests, and involve other stakeholders and partners, have been proven to be doable, affordable and less difficult than most believe.
Yet so many still default to defensive, compliance-focused, value-transferring (value-draining) sorts of approaches.
If interested in more along these themes you can find a number of articles in the CSR Knowledge Centre. They are all free to read, download, print and share.
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Prof. Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn is an award-winning global sustainability expert with extensive teaching, writing, lecturing and advisory service experience. He is supported by an extensive faculty and advisory team.