Responsible Business & Leadership Excellence Summit

Certified Executive Masterclass

Why You Should Attend

Quite simply, you should attend because these issues, sustainability, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, the SDGs, have become some of the most critical issues facing businesses and organizations today.

Yet few know how to think about them strategically, how to proactively engage and manage them and how to turn them from reluctant costs into profitable opportunities.

This program will provide you with a structured understanding of these issues, a network of colleagues to call on as you go forward.

And, you will enjoy the two days immensely, working hard, learning, pushing boundaries and shifting your perspective in ways that will propel your career and your organization forward.

Every participating organization is allocated a complimentary follow-up consultation with CSR Training Institute.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for professionals interested in learning to understand social responsibility, sustainability, SDG Impact and Environmental Stewardship to benefit their organizations, to further their careers, or just for their personal interest. This can include:

  • Corporate, government and international organizations executives
  • Sustainability, public relations, marketing and communication leaders responsible of sustainability strategy and reporting outreach,
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication pros.

Our inclusive programming is appropriate for private sector, government, NGO, non-profit and faith-based organizations.