Partnerships that work

Certified Executive Masterclass

Program Outline

The program will guide participants through a comprehensive partnership analysis, development and management framework, filled with hands-on exercises and frameworks that can be used immediately. It includes key partnership and management areas such as impact measurement, communication and reporting, stakeholder engagement and development and implementation of policy and strategy.

The program is hands-on, combining lectures, videos, case-studies, group-work, role play scenarios, guest lectures and more.

Day One

  1. Partnership Reality, Theory & Practice (Partnerships are tough, why bother?)
  2. Sustainability and SDGs (how important are they and why?)
  3. Group work (Partnership interests, strategies and dynamics)

Day Two

  1. Impact Measurement 1 (What to measure and why)
  2. Impact Measurement 2 (Measuring what matters and using it wisely)
  3. Group work ( (Partnership management and performance)

Day Three

  1. Stakeholder Relationships and Engagement (Internal, external, partners and more)
  2. Group work (Role playing scenario – partnership strategy and development)
  3. Group work (Partnership risks, performance and management)

Day Four

  1. Sustainability Reporting & Communication 1 (What, why, how and when)
  2. Sustainability Reporting & Communication 2 (GRI & Sustainability Reports)
  3. Group work (Reporting and communicating impact and results)

Day Five

  1. Policy, Strategy, Implementation and more (Pragmatic, practical and doable rules)
  2. Group work (Integrated casework exercise)
  3. Closing & Commencement (Closing exercise and certificate presentation)

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