SDG Pioneer Award

SDG Pioneer award recognizes Baraka’s innovation and leadership in aligning the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal impacts with pragmatic business value and competitive advantage. 

Impact Sustainability

Huh?  What the @$%* is Impact Sustainability?     It is what all sustainability should be – impactful. Impacting positively on society, business, and the… continue reading »


Make 2019 Your Year of Purpose Let #Purpose drive #profit, #impact, #results and sustainable competitive advantage.  And make your business and work more fun and enjoyable;… continue reading »

CSR isn’t a One & Done

Success in today’s networked global environment with rapidly increasing stakeholder expectations and often in the fishbowl of social media requires constantly examining key strategic aspects… continue reading »

CSR budgets must create value

Business decisions, including CSR and sustainability budgets, should be based on business value.  Of course, you should integrate and align social value and environmental value,… continue reading »

Social Value Brand

Social Value Brand (SVB) Businesses today are increasingly expected to deliver some sort of social value in addition to shareholder value, or, at the very… continue reading »

Who? Me? Responsible for CSR?

Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility:  Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility? Watching some of the discussion on corporate social responsibility it sometimes seems like governments,… continue reading »

Stakeholder Engagement Series

Stakeholder Engagement Series  Many of you have asked that I pull together some of my recent publications that deal with stakeholder engagement into a set. … continue reading »

Internal CSR Communications Suck

Let’s be honest:  Internal CSR Communications Suck CSR Mumbley Gook communications need to stop. Until us CSR Professionals get better at internal communications and engagement we… continue reading »

Don’t be an Altruistic Angel!

Why hide self-interest?  Do you really think you are fooling anyone? Last week I was doing some work on corporate social responsibility and stakeholder communications. … continue reading »

CSR and Value:

This was originally posted in Triple Pundit in Feb 2014.  I am reposting it here as it is part of my collection of writings on… continue reading »