Impact Ventures: Align business, social & environmental impact

Impact Ventures are more profitable, more impactful and more fun.  That is the thesis of this World Environment Day article written by CSR Training Institute… continue reading »

Strategic Sustainability Drives Business Growth for Baraka Shea Butter

Approaching Sustainability Strategically Generates Impact far Beyond Your Company’s Size for Baraka Shea Butter   A great example of how a strategic approach to sustainability… continue reading »

Taking Care In Business: Feature Podcast with Wayne Dunn

“Sustainability and social responsibility are key contributors to business value, not spenders of business value.” Feature podcast interview with CSR Training Institute Founder Wayne Dunn… continue reading »

Impact Ventures: They are what you need to be

The world has changed.  The path to profitability has shifted and businesses that strategically integrate social value, environmental stewardship and shareholder value are being rewarded…. continue reading »

Simple & Pragmatic Wins the Day

Simple, Pragmatic and value-focused is key to Sustainability Measuring, Reporting, and Communication   This was written in response to a recent query I received and… continue reading »

Impact Sustainability

Huh?  What the @$%* is Impact Sustainability?     It is what all sustainability should be – impactful. Impacting positively on society, business, and the… continue reading »

More for All | Less for None:

The Baraka Way More for all, less for none. You can have your cake, and eat it too. The Baraka value chain creates more value… continue reading »


Make 2019 Your Year of Purpose Let #Purpose drive #profit, #impact, #results and sustainable competitive advantage.  And make your business and work more fun and enjoyable;… continue reading »

Sustainability: Why some partnerships are doomed from the start

#Sustainability, #CSR and #SDG engagement are natural areas for private, public, civil society partnerships.  Yet, many partnerships fail to realize even a portion of the… continue reading »

The Path to Profit Shifted: Insights into Business 2030

The Path to Profit has Shifted. Today it passes through #CSR, the #SDGs and environmental stewardship. It is not a detour. Businesses that understand and… continue reading »

Sustainability Reporting: JUST DO IT

Producing a Sustainability Report isn’t a box you check and move on. Investors, customers, regulators, governments & stakeholders of all types demand more transparency and… continue reading »

CSR 101-Don’t be Dumb! Measure, Manage and Report

#Measure | #Manage | #Report: Management fundamentals that are nearly universally accepted and applied by successful businesses and organizations worldwide. Except in #CSR #Sustainability and #SDGs… continue reading »

CSR Communications 101: You won’t win a fight against the truth

#Truth is King in #CSR communications. When attacked, becoming defensive usually loses. Look deep and hard for their truth.  Be thorough. Be humble. When it… continue reading »

CSR Communications: Be Humble, Don’t Brag

#CSR Communications: It’s not all about you – not if you want to engage and be effective. Your company isn’t perfect, it didn’t accomplish great… continue reading »

CSR Communications: Be Interesting or Be Quiet

#CSR, #Sustainability and #SDG communications are useless unless they are interesting.   So, tell stories and be engaging, or save your time and money and stay… continue reading »

Why is more important than How or What

#Why is more important than #How, or #What.  This applies in #CSR.  In #SDG engagement. Literally in pretty much everything, life, work, family and more…. continue reading »

CSR isn’t Lipstick on a Pig!

#CSR is more than corporate concealer or make-up you stick on a business with ugly practices.  But that’s exactly the way some organizations treat it… continue reading »

CSR is not the Repair Centre for Capitalism

#CSR is not the repair centre for Capitalism. CSR is about integrating social value, environmental stewardship and community impact into business operations. Integrating it strategically… continue reading »

CSR isn’t a One & Done

Success in today’s networked global environment with rapidly increasing stakeholder expectations and often in the fishbowl of social media requires constantly examining key strategic aspects… continue reading »

Value Chains that Create Value: Your Purchase Makes a Difference

I try to ground my approach to consulting, teaching and writing in practical, hands-on reality.  Too much theory makes my head hurt – and wastes… continue reading »

CSR is Business: Manage it that way

Value optimization and efficiency is as important in #CSR and #SDG impact as any other area of your business.  Ignore it and you cost your… continue reading »

CSR is Self-Interest – Don’t try to hide it

Your stakeholders aren’t stupid.  They know your social responsibility programs aren’t just about their interests.  Embracing the self-interest in your CSR programs will give your… continue reading »

Sustainability Imperatives: Insights into Business 2030

Business 2030 success requires a new suite of #CSR, #sustainability and strategy skills and tools that are tightly connected to business value creation and efficiently… continue reading »

CSR Metrics: Measure and manage the meaningful

Value to you and your stakeholders *internal and external* must be the foundation of metrics and management systems.  Don’t even think of metrics until you… continue reading »

What are the SDGs and why are they important to your business

Business success today requires alignment of business, social and environmental interests.  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a globally accepted framework you can use to help… continue reading »

3 Stakeholder Engagement mistakes to avoid

Stakeholder engagement is never a slam-dunk. It takes strategy, work, commitment, focus and resources. There are no shortcuts! Decades of experience has taught that even… continue reading »

CSR budgets must create value

Business decisions, including CSR and sustainability budgets, should be based on business value.  Of course, you should integrate and align social value and environmental value,… continue reading »

Top 5 common mistakes in stakeholder engagement

#StakeholderEngagement is key to the success of projects, companies and careers.  Get it right and you are much closer to success.  Mess it up, and… continue reading »

What is CSR? And why is it important to future business growth?

Stop arguing CSR language.  Who cares if CSR is this?  Or that?  Or something else.  CSR is about value; creating, preserving and aligning value.  CSR… continue reading »

CSR Communications: Use Storytelling to Inform and Engage

CSR communications should be interesting, engaging and use stories to illustrate impact, results, challenges and more.  Support with facts, sure, but please don’t lead with… continue reading »

Get past zero-sum win-lose and embrace aligned value and impact

#ZeroSum thinking kills #sustainability innovation, #CSR value and #SDG impact.   Value alignment and synergy is where you want to be. Be smart. Be strategic… continue reading »

CSR Communications: Keep it Simple, Stupid

KISS your CSR Communications #CSR Communications should be simple.  Tell stories, communicate value and #SDG impact. If you have ever heard of the KISS acronym,… continue reading »

CSR Communications: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Have you ever read about a successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project through a company’s communications and thought to yourself, “wow — they sure were… continue reading »

[Masterclass in Jamaica] CSR Economics and Impact Measurement

Developing a strategic approach to CSR creates a sustainable competitive advantage wherever you do business. Sticking with zero-sum, philanthropic approaches loses value and reduces impact…. continue reading »

CSR Communications: Sometimes silence speaks the best

Know when! When to communicate, and when to stay quiet. CSR communications can have great impact. Know how to make it create value, not destroy… continue reading »

Don’t spend a CSR Penny: (until you do this)

You’ve done your homework and decided that it’s time for your company to start integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into your business strategy. Congratulations! But, be… continue reading »

Time to Up the Game with SDG Communications

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were passed unanimously by the United Nations in September 2015 form the de-facto global development framework.  They are… continue reading »

Nine CSR Skills- What you need and why

What skills and attributes are most helpful to someone working in (or wanting to work in) the growing field of corporate social responsibility and private… continue reading »

CSR budgets shouldn’t get a free ride

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of companies to develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies that focus on creating… continue reading »

CSR is About More Than Donating to Charity

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just about being charitable and philanthropic. While it’s a nice idea in theory, it simply doesn’t make sense for… continue reading »

Being Authentic with Corporate Social Responsibility

When a business makes the­­ decision to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its strategy, the most important thing it can do is to be… continue reading »

CSR: Another Way to Attract — and Retain — Great Employees

Leaders who understand the importance of bringing social responsibility into their business strategy know it can create direct benefits such as increased profits, customer loyalty,… continue reading »

Integrate Sustainable Development Goals into Your Business Strategy

Business continues to move in a direction where it is increasingly important to not only think about economic growth and shareholders, but also the impact… continue reading »

Organizations Risk Losing Financing by Ignoring Corporate Social Responsibility

The push for companies to include corporate social responsibility in their business strategy does not come only from consumers — it comes from investors as… continue reading »

Sustainable value creation must include business, society and the environment

The intersection between business, society and environment is where smart CSR works to create value for all stakeholders. It’s all about aligning business, social and… continue reading »

Know your Why: Five Steps to Managing CSR for Value

If your business is going to spend money on CSR and Social Value it must understand why it is doing it, and how that supports… continue reading »

Five steps to managing CSR for #ValueCreation

The same businesses that are constantly analyzing, tweaking and optimizing the connection between inputs and value created across all aspects of their operations, seldom (if… continue reading »

Where does the CSR Function belong in a business?

I am often asked this question. Today, while hunting for something I came across this response I gave last May when someone asked. I thought it might… continue reading »

Public Private Partnerships: CSR & Shared Value Partnerships for the SDGs

Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Shared Value are today’s most important issues for shareholders according to Harvard Business Review (July 2016). The world has changed. Society… continue reading »

CSR Success: Snippets for Stimulation and Action

I like to work with a simple formula: CSR Success is any initiative that aligns business value with social and/or environmental value. CSR success is much… continue reading »

CSR & Shared Value Partnerships for the SDGs

Public Private Partnerships: CSR & Shared Value Partnerships for the SDGs Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Shared Value are today’s most important issues for shareholders according… continue reading »

Fresh Eyes –> Fresh Insights Analysis

Fresh Eyes à Fresh Insights Analysis Fresh eyes can often bring new perspectives and discover fresh insights, identifying previously unnoticed opportunities, risks and issues.  A… continue reading »

Seven Snippets on CSR and Shared Value Management

Here are seven snippets on corporate social responsibility, shared value management and governance inside organizations. These panels of text and images are clipped from some of… continue reading »

CSR and Business Innovation Strategy and Training

Society is demanding more of business.  So are shareholders.  And often governments too. These expectations will keep growing and businesses and organizations that don’t adapt… continue reading »

Middle East CSR: Zakat, Sadaqah and Ownership Structure

CSR is creating internal tensions in some Middle Eastern Businesses Many traditional, family owned businesses in the Middle East are taking on external investors and… continue reading »

Middle East CSR: Zakat, Sadaqah and Ownership Structure

CSR is creating internal tensions in some Middle Eastern Businesses Many traditional, family owned businesses in the Middle East are taking on external investors and… continue reading »

A secret door to sustainable competitive advantage

CSR and Business Innovation Strategy and Training Society is demanding more of business.  So are shareholders.  And often governments too. These expectations will keep growing… continue reading »

CSR in the Middle East & North Africa

CSR in the Middle East & North Africa is dynamic and exciting.  It is built on centuries of Islamic tradition and principles and evolving rapidly to… continue reading »

Canadian Oil Sands Energy: Time for Bold Action

A 50% reduction in carbon intensity and climate impact?   Why not? It is time to stop tinkering at the margins and let’s set bold goals… continue reading »

Applying Six Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement

(The post below references a Stanford Business School Case Study.  The case study is available here, or you can open the full PDF, complete with the… continue reading »

Social Value Brand

Social Value Brand (SVB) Businesses today are increasingly expected to deliver some sort of social value in addition to shareholder value, or, at the very… continue reading »

CSR Skills: What you need and why

CSR Skills: What you need and why What skills and attributes are most helpful for someone working in (or wanting to work in) the growing… continue reading »

What makes a CSR Strategy Strong?

I recently did a short interview on What makes a CSR Strategy strong and thought the transcript below might be interesting.   It has a… continue reading »

CSR Training: Seven strategies to make it work for participants

CSR: Teaching, learning, practicing Executive training programs can be boring, dull and virtually useless.  Or they can be dynamic, career altering, fun and productive.Here are… continue reading »

This time it IS in my Backyard! I’m a Stakeholder, not an International Expert

This time It IS in my backyard!  Can I practice what I preach? Originally published on Triple Pundit – Looking out from my backyard… continue reading »

Lessons and case studies in engaging stakeholders successfully

Originally posted by Toby Webb, Founder of Innovation Forum in  Sustainability=Smart Business Blog  Lessons and case studies in engaging stakeholders successfully Interview with Wayne Dunn, President… continue reading »

Canadian Oil Sands – lesser of several evils

Clumsy government support of Canadian Oil Sands industry is hindering the industry’s development and risking its social license Originally published in Triple Pundit –  The Canadian Oil… continue reading »

How to find a CSR Job/Project (some thoughts)

I regularly get queries from individuals wanting to begin a career in Corporate Social Responsibility or a related field. I wish I had good information… continue reading »

Thoughts on CSR and Value – a curious perspective

We need more strategic, value-creating focus and less focus on defensive, risk-mitigating compliance Companies the world over are recognizing that there are growing societal expectations… continue reading »

Water, Wine and Beer: Scarcity, conservation, drought

Water  Scarcity, conservation, drought…  Huge issue, huge impacts, no easy solution.  Some representative stories and issues.  The stories and companies below are random and not meant as an… continue reading »

EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SEMINAR ON CSR – Program Outline – June 24, Vancouver Canada

See more information here or register here.  There are 30 participants and five spots left. The Segal Building Beedie School of Business, 500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC Program Outline (Draft)… continue reading »

How much water does that strawberry cost?

How much water does a strawberry cost? Do you care?  Should you care?  Maybe it is kind of important to think about how much water,… continue reading »

Who? Me? Responsible for CSR?

Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility:  Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility? Watching some of the discussion on corporate social responsibility it sometimes seems like governments,… continue reading »

Tweets, posts and thoughts from the past weeks

 A collection of Tweets and Posts from the past weeks.  Some interesting (I hope!).  Some not so much.  Excuse the formatting.  Blogger doesn’t seem to… continue reading »

Dirty, ugly mining has lessons for Hi Tech!

Dirty, ugly mining has lessons for Hi Tech! And Hi Tech should pay attention or it could feel the pain that mining felt when it… continue reading »

Stakeholder Engagement Series

Stakeholder Engagement Series  Many of you have asked that I pull together some of my recent publications that deal with stakeholder engagement into a set. … continue reading »

Internal CSR Communications Suck

Let’s be honest:  Internal CSR Communications Suck CSR Mumbley Gook communications need to stop. Until us CSR Professionals get better at internal communications and engagement we… continue reading »

Four Strategies for Local Content Success

Local content has emerged as one of the most pressing issues facing business in emerging markets.  Rightfully so. Planned and executed properly, local content is… continue reading »

Some of my recent tweets on CSR and Sustainability

A few people have asked me to put my recent tweets into a document so here they are. Follow me here you want to… continue reading »

CSR SWOT – discover risk, value and more

Is this your CSR?   CSR and Sustainability are continually getting more complex and more costly but often without a corresponding increase in value for shareholders… continue reading »

CSR SWOT – discover risk, value and more

CSR budgets, requirements and external expectations have increased astronomically in recent years. At the same time the depth and breadth of stakeholder groups and related… continue reading »

13 mistakes that prevent and destroy multi-sector partnerships

The private sector is playing an increasingly important role in development.  Companies from all sectors, including especially the extractive and fast moving consumer goods sectors,… continue reading »

Eleven strategies for maximizing value from CSR

Value is the theme that should unite all CSR projects and should be a key factor in major project decisions and strategies. Value for shareholders,… continue reading »

CSR Metrics: You can’t measure temperature with a speedometer

CSR Metrics and management frameworks must meet project and corporate needs You can’t manage what you can’t measure. But, you can’t measure temperature with a… continue reading »

CSR in Budget Crunch Times: 12 strategies for success

With plummeting oil prices, the mining industry facing sustained low prices, high costs and economic turmoil and the world economy looking scary, many firms are… continue reading »

NHL Sustainability Report: Good but incomplete.

NHL Sustainability Report: Good but incomplete. It is missing the good works by teams and players. Why? The NHL’s recently released Sustainability 2014 report was… continue reading »

Eight more common mistakes in multi-sector CSR partnerships

Eight more common mistakes in multi-sector CSR partnerships Natural Partnerships – Unnatural partners.  Last week I did a short piece on five common mistakes in… continue reading »

Five Common mistakes that destroy multi-sector CSR partnerships

Five Common mistakes that prevent and destroy multi-sector CSR partnerships The private sector is playing an increasingly important role in development.  Companies from all sectors,… continue reading »

Natural CSR Partnerships – Unnatural partners

Multi-Sector CSR Partnerships:  Industry, NGO, Development Agency collaboration on development Multi-sector CSR partnerships can drive organizational successes and value creation.  Yet why do so many… continue reading »

Willis Harman – Business and Responsibility for the Whole

In May 1996 I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Willis Harman at a World Business Academy meeting on Vancouver Island.  What… continue reading »

Data and management systems for CSR. Progress, but still far to go.

I just read an interesting article on the emerging role of data in making CSR & Environmental functions more efficient in companies.  Article by Matt… continue reading »

Don’t be an Altruistic Angel!

Why hide self-interest?  Do you really think you are fooling anyone? Last week I was doing some work on corporate social responsibility and stakeholder communications. … continue reading »

28 Expert tips for engaging stakeholders in emerging markets

Compiled from contributions made by faculty and participants at an Executive program on How to effectively engage stakeholders in emerging markets.  Edited by Wayne Dunn… continue reading »

Smarter CSR Budgets: Connecting budget to value

Smarter CSR Budgets:  Connecting budget to value A CSR Thoughtpiece from the CSR Training Institute –       Wayne Dunn Are we spending too much, or too… continue reading »

From Hockey to business meets society

Just had a discussion on the new ‘Rogers’ look to hockey in Canada (for non-Canadian/non-hockey interested readers – Rogers media just made a mega billion… continue reading »

Eight self-interested steps to creating a CSR Program

Eight self-interested steps to creating a CSR Program A CSR Thoughtpiece from the CSR Training Institute –          By Wayne Dunn Self-interest = ‘What’s in it… continue reading »

Best Ever or Worst Possible: The Canadian Oil Sands

This post might seem out of character for me but I have become so frustrated by such an important issue being communicated so badly.  … continue reading »

Stakeholder Engagement: Six best practices

Six best practices in stakeholder engagement A CSR Thoughtpiece from the CSR Training Institute -by Wayne Dunn I recently wrote a piece on five mistakes… continue reading »

Eleven mistakes to avoid in CSR Communications

A blog first!  This piece on CSR communication mistakes is hot from the press!  It is going to the blog first and to other social… continue reading »

Seven ways to get colleagues onboard with sustainability and CSR

This was also released a few weeks ago on Slideshare and LinkedIn.  If you have read it there it hasn’t changed. I do have a… continue reading »

Top five mistakes companies make in engaging stakeholders

I’m going to post a number of recent articles, thoughtpieces and such over the coming days.  For some of you this is old and repeated… continue reading »