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By Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn is an award-winning global CSR expert with extensive teaching, writing, lecturing and Advisory Service experience. He is supported by an extensive faculty and advisory team.

 A collection of Tweets and Posts from the past weeks.  Some interesting (I hope!).  Some not so much.  Excuse the formatting.  Blogger doesn’t seem to like cut and paste.
Global perspectives on CSR in mining. Slides from keynote to BC Mining Forum 2015
Mining schools hi-tech on social value creation! Mining industry’s painful lessons and the progress they’ve made learning them have lots to offer to hi tech as society’s expectations evolve
Drink beer to support climate change!  Perfect plan for St. Patrick’s Day.
24 breweries sign climate change declaration. @triplepundit @leonkaye
Acknowledge progress and push for more  McDonald’s To Source Antibiotic-Free Chicken in USA @gmcheeseman@TriplePundit
Many stakeholders but no winners Great article on Artisanal Mining by Paul Klein in Triple Pundit 
Local Content Success.  now available in #CSR Knowledge Centre #PDAC2015
Dealing with growing social demands in mining  World Bank Panel @PDAC #PDAC2015
Walmart’s sustainability train is barreling down the track!  Jen Boynton  @triple Pundit  Rob Caplan  @robbyk
Stakeholder Engagement Series 
Many of you have asked that I pull together some of my recent publications that deal with stakeholder engagement into a set.  Haven’t quite done that but below you have a list of articles and links to the LinkedIn Posts.

If missing Aboriginal women is a domestic violence issue is ISIS recruiting an adolescent issue? @M_A_W_inCanada
Stakeholder engagement series. 
List of #CSR Thoughtpieces on Stakeholder Engagement from the CSR Knowledge Centre
Is CSR Dead?  Dying, hibernating, irrelevant, or working just fine?  @triplepundit @marcstoiber
CSR Communications
CSR Communications seems to be a hot topic right now so I thought I’d share links to some of our recent related publications.  If interested feel free to read, download and share. 

·       Internal CSR Communications Suck: 
·       7 strategies for engaging internal stakeholders:
·       11 mistakes to avoid in CSR Communications:
·       Eleven strategies for maximizing value from CSR:  

CSR Communications seems hot. Here are 3 short publications. Good, bad & ugly
Internal CSR Communications Suck!  We need to get better at creating internal alignment.  CSR Thoughtpiece posted to Slideshare
Wow Safeway! Sustainable transparent seafood. Trumping Whole Foods.  Great work @triplepundit @JenBoynton
Pay it forward Pizza! Great model. Align business, customer, social and community and make $ @mwartman1
We are really bad @ internal CSR Communications. Should align from planet to shareholder to people in company
Good CSR communications aligns the dots from planet to shareholder to people in company. @RepublicofEvry1 good example
CSR Partnerships. Theory and Practice.  Lecture & Role playing scenario.  Delivered in Nairobi Kenya, Feb 2015
Internal CSR Communications Suck! And us CSR Pros are to blame
Sustainable Brands Seeks Entrepreneurs for Startup Business Competition  #CSR

Consumers want to see greater #CSR in the processed #food sector says @globescan consumer report @Foodanddrinkfed

4 strategies for local content success.  Local content can be the best ROI of any CSR investment.  Posted on Slideshare

Until CSR Pros speak ‘What’s in it for them’ to Finance, Ops & Engineering, CSR is a sandbox and toys in the corner of the business!

 The Rise of Sustainable Fibers in the Fashion Industry
Interesting and insightful. By Leon Kaye @ Triple Pundit
Industry, Community & Engagement: Who is responsible? Lecture & Role playing scenario.  Delivered in Nairobi Kenya, Feb 2015
4 strategies for local content success.  Local content can be the best ROI of any CSR investment.  New blog post
8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into oceans each year! Remember, we don’t got another planet.
Industry, community & engagement. Strong, respectful & insightful dialogue on extractives and communities in Kenya. Credit @CanHCKenya @ihrb @KimothoWangui
Big business advocating stronger environmental regulations.  Can Govt keep up?
Interesting discussion in the Guardian. Guardian article by @matt_gitsham
Communication is key whether you’re selling soda or social change.  Effective and appropriate communications can add societal and shareholder value to Corporate Social Responsibility efforts..   Interesting series in the Stanford Social Innovation Review   Also see CSR Communications: 11 mistakes to avoid
Plastic Bank: Plastic waste to $currency!  Brilliant!
Alignment of social, community, environmental and shareholder interests. @DavidKatzEO @jillettinger
Bridgestone’s Sustainability Hub: A Dialogue on Solving Survey Fatigue (for itself and others) Great work @bridgestone