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August sunrise

This time it IS in my Backyard! I'm a Stakeholder, not an International Expert

Last week a major LNG project was announced for my backyard, 2.5 miles from my home on Vancouver Island in Canada and right beside where I love to catch prawns and crabs with my little boat.

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Lessons and case studies in engaging stakeholders successfully

Interview of Wayne Dunn by Toby Webb, founding director of Innovation Forum

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Oil sands

Canadian Oil Sands - lesser of several evils

Clumsy government support of Canadian Oil Sands industry is hindering the industry's development and risking its social license

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Keep in touch with leading edge thinking on CSR

CSR Training Institute

How to find a CSR Job/Project (some thoughts)

I regularly get queries from individuals wanting to begin a career in Corporate Social Responsibility or a related field.

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Thoughts on CSR and Value – a curious perspective

We need more strategic, value-creating focus and less focus on defensive, risk-mitigating compliance

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Seedling growing from barren land

Water, Wine and Beer: Scarcity, conservation, drought

Water  Scarcity, conservation, drought…  Huge issue, huge impacts, no easy solution.  Some representative stories and issues.

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Vancouver seminar

EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SEMINAR ON CSR - Program Outline - June 24, Vancouver Canada

Executive Briefing seminar on CSR. See more information here or register here.  There are 30 participants and five spots left.

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Strawberry landing in water

How much water does that strawberry cost?

Do you care?  Should you care?  Maybe it is kind of important to think about how much water, or clean air, or healthy ecosystem, things cost. 

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Cartoon of people bailing out a boat, watched by others

Who? Me? Responsible for CSR?

Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility:  Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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CSR Training Institute

Tweets, posts and thoughts from the past weeks

 A collection of Tweets and Posts from the past weeks.  Some interesting (I hope!).  Some not so much.  Excuse the formatting.

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