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EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SEMINAR ON CSR - Program Outline - June 24, Vancouver Canada

18 June, 2015

Vancouver seminar

By Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn is an award-winning global CSR expert with extensive teaching, writing, lecturing and Advisory Service experience. He is supported by an extensive faculty and advisory team.

See more information here or register here.  There are 30 participants and five spots left.

The Segal Building

Beedie School of Business,

500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Program Outline (Draft)

8:15 – 8:45

Breakfast and registration


8:45 – 9:15

Opening Prayer - Dennis Joseph, Councilor, Squamish Nation

Participant introductions

9:15 – 10:15

What happened and how did we get here? 

An insightful look at what laid the groundwork for and is driving the growing social expectations and how they are manifesting.


History of CSR in 15 minutes

Terry Gray, World Vision


Why does business exist? TEDx Video

Alex Edmans, Professor, London Business School


Vignettes on

Profit AND Purpose, Shareholders AND Society

Wayne Dunn, CSR Training Institute

10:15 – 10:45



10:45 – 12:00

Panel:  Responding to growing societal expectations

How are leading players responding to growing societal expectations and demands.  Partnerships, Policy, Action, What works?  What doesn’t?  Why?

A panel discussion with rubber meets the road examples and discussion from industry, NGOs and Government


Case study of a Foundation, a group of companies, a foundation and growing societal impact;

Stephen Nairne, CEO, Lundin Foundation


Insights, examples and action from work with Levis Strauss, Body Shop, United Nations, International Finance Corporation, etc.

Sara Clancy, CSR 4 Africa


NGO on a mission.  How and why World Vision embraced private sector collaboration to enhance its impact on people, communities and poverty


Terry Gray, World Vision

12:00 – 12:45

Environmental expectations, pressures and realities. 

An overview of evolving global expectations and responses on environmental performance include voluntary standards, emerging issues and market based carbon solutions


Environmental performance, overview of evolving global expectations and responses on environmental performance include voluntary standards and emerging issues

Dani Bryant, Environmental Lawyer, Fasken Martineau


Environment and markets, carbon markets and projects, environmental footprints, exciting opportunities and emerging issues


James Tansey, CEO, Offsetters

12:45 – 1:45

Lunch & keynote speaker



CSR and Market Value, how CSR was and is core to creating hundreds of millions of shareholder value for Oceana Gold.


Mick Wilkes, CEO, Oceanagold


1:45 – 2:45

Economic development and community benefits best practices 

An examination of strategic approaches and outcomes from various sectors  including detailed exploration of individual case studies


CSR on the ground: How Newgold integrates economic development, community benefits and indigenous engagement into core business practice

Silvana Costa, Newgold



Community Collaboration: How community engagement and collaboration, especially First Nations, is integral to Steelhead LNG’s approach to business.


Nigel Kuzemko, CEO, Steelhead LNG


2:45 – 3:15



3:15 – 4:45

What in the world?  Discovering and facilitating alignment

Overview of global development frameworks and CSR. From the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals and where CSR fits.


It’s your turn now!

Strategies and approaches for leading and managing in the dynamic and complex space where business meets society meets government.  

Group work on custom case studies.  Craft strategic approaches to one of the cases (or more) and report back to the group.


4:45 - 5:00

Closure and presentation of certificates


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